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June 16th-19th, 2016

Phil Sheridan Days was started in 1934 by a group of people who liked horses and the excitement that goes with rodeos. While Phil Sheridan Days began as a rodeo, over the years it evolved into a full-blown celebration lasting three to four days. Eventually the West Valley Kiwanis Club purchased the rodeo grounds and the PRCA Rodeo continued under the direction of the Kiwanis Club. After a number of years, the Kiwanis Club sold the rodeo grounds. This move left Phil Sheridan Days without a place to hold the rodeo and the Destruction Derby that traditionally followed. These two events were the strong draws for the celebration and without them attendance dwindled. So, Phil Sheridan Days went on a hiatus for the next three years. This evoked a cry from all over the state. It seems people from everywhere had grown up attending Phil Sheridan Days. The current committee has worked hard since 1999 to reinvent Sheridan Days and provide a weekend of family fun.

Sheridan Days